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Canada's best value in outdoor saunas & wood burning hot tubs

At Backcountry Recreation, we recognize the importance of a sauna or hot tub as a valuable investment in your personal wellness. Acting as the direct manufacturer of our high-quality products , we are uniquely positioned to offer them at the most competitive prices while maintaining unparalleled quality.

  • Local Quality Materials

    Our cedar hot tubs & saunas are made with the highest available grade clear Canadian western red cedar.

  • Expertise Support

    We have a dedicated team of experts standing by to answer any questions to support your installation.

  • Warranty Guarantee

    All outdoor saunas & hot tubs come with a 1-year limited warranty.

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At Backcountry Recreation, our Canadian heritage is our pride and guiding star, deeply influencing our commitment to excellence. Rooted in the rich traditions and values of Canada, we aim to reflect these in our dedication to quality and exceptional customer service. Inspired by Canada's beauty and resilience, we strive to deliver world-class products and experiences, exceeding expectations and building lasting relationships within our community.

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