Cedar Hot Tub Maintenance

Taking care of your cedar hot tub is critical to maximizing investment and enjoyment. There are many techniques to keep your hot tub clean and functional, including some chemical-free alternatives.

Sanitizing without Chemicals

Regarding cedar hot tubs, cleanliness is the most important thing of all. How well you sanitize your hot tub is crucial to your overall enjoyment of this enjoyable home recreational activity. While you can certainly use chemicals such as chlorine and bromine to clean your hot tub, many people prefer a more natural sanitizing. This is because while chlorine and bromine clean your tub, they can lower your overall experience of your hot tub due to their smell and how they make the water look and feel. We recommend an approach without chemicals, which allows you to fully enjoy the ample benefits of your cedar hot tub.

The Problem

Humans leave behind bacteria in the hot tub after usage. Thus, a hot tub can become a breeding ground for bacteria after multiple uses. The warm water can also help them multiply, increasing the health risk. While draining the tub after each use is one option, it is time-consuming and wastes water. Proper sanitization is critical for those who do not want to drain the water each time.

We always leave the question of water treatment up to the customer to decide, but we will be happy to point you in the right direction. If water accessibility is not an issue for you, many people simply choose to use no chemicals and change the water more often. If you want to use something other than chlorine, you can use bromine which is less harsh, but just be sure to fully dilute any crystals in a different body of water first and then stir fully into the tub.

There are also some natural mineral salt products on the market that are eco-friendly and safe for people and wood, such as Ahh Natural, which you should be able to order online. The Ahh Natural is eco-friendly and can be drained directly into the lake or ocean.

Blue Magic is a safe and healthy treatment alternative that offers a genuinely pleasing water experience in Pools and Spas. Used according to label directions, it is more user-friendly than traditional treatments and doesn't smell or create irritation. It offers year-round protection against antimicrobials such as bacteria, algae, and fungi, clarifying water, stabilizing the pH and reducing chlorine use in swimming pools (residential, municipal, recreational) spas and hot tubs.

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Month-to-Month Maintenance

Add a water sparkle agent every month to make your water look fantastic. This will help your hot tub water look clean and bright, and clear. Though it does not affect your hot tub’s performance, many owners find the improvement in appearance is worth it.

Owners should also check the cedar hot tub’s outside and inside for cracks, cuts, dings, and other damage each month. Noting such problems early on makes fixing them cheaper and easier than finding them when it is too late. Lastly, 2-3 times per year, owners should fully drain the hot tub and give it a full inspection.