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Oslo Cold Plunge

Oslo Cold Plunge

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Boosts Mental Clarity and Focus

Engaging in cold plunges can lead to increased mental clarity and focus, as the shock of cold water stimulates the nervous system, reducing brain fog and enhancing concentration. This natural stimulation can lead to improved performance in daily tasks and heightened awareness.

Accelerate Recovery and Reduces Inflammation

The cold water constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling and flushes out lactic acid. This is particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone looking to improve their recovery times and reduce muscle soreness.

Complete Your Oasis

Integrating a cold plunge into your wellness routine alongside your hot tub or sauna offers the ultimate contrast therapy experience, optimizing health benefits by leveraging the power of thermal fluctuations

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Product Details

Product Description

Experience the Comprehensive Health Benefits of Cold Therapy Discover the immense range of health benefits provided by cold therapy and embrace a happier, healthier life. Embraced by athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide, cold therapy has become a cornerstone of peak performance.

Faster Recovery - Embrace the power of cold shocks to reduce pain and inflammation, accelerating your recovery from intense training sessions and competitive challenges.

Boosted Immune System - Unlock the potential of cold exposure as it elevates T-cell counts, empowering your immune system to fend off diseases more effectively.

Improved Mental Health - Make regular cold therapy a part of your routine to enjoy better sleep, a crucial factor in enhancing your mental performance and mood.

Relieves Stress - Experience the joy of reduced cortisol levels and increased dopamine after each plunge, leading to a happier, more stress-free state of mind.

Convenient Design Embrace the refreshing and nature-friendly experience of bathing in the Backcountry Recreation Cold Plunge Tub. Designed for your convenience, this fully assembled tub features a metal liner inside and a cedar exterior, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cold therapy experience.

Your Gateway to Relaxation and Comfort With the Backcountry Recreation Cold Plunge Tub, all you need to do is fill it with cold water, and you're ready to immerse yourself in its revitalizing benefits. Soothe your body and mind with the cooling sensation, right in the presence of nature.

Easy Shipping Across Canada No matter where you are in  we're delighted to ship the Backcountry Recreation Cold Tubs to all those who relish a rejuvenating soak after a hot sauna or in the company of nature.

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Product Specs

Product Diagram

 Cold Plunge Tub Dimensions


 Seating Capacity 1-2 person
Wood Type Red Cedar
Dimensions 84.5" L X 35.8" W X 26"H
Weight 250 lbs.
Number of Cradles N/A
Heater Just add ice & water
Electrical Requirements


Warranty Information

Our wooden saunas come with a 1-year limited warranty. Our Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stoves also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to: