HUUM Drop 6Kw Bundle -W/ Wifi Backcountry Recreation
HUUM Drop 6Kw Bundle -W/ Wifi Backcountry Recreation

HUUM Drop 6Kw Bundle -W/ Wifi

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The HUUM DROP 6KW Bundle with WiFi is an elegantly designed electric sauna heater that combines modern technology with the natural inspiration of a water drop. This award-winning heater is not only a testament to aesthetic beauty but also to functional excellence, making it a perfect centerpiece for any sauna room.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Design Inspiration: The DROP's design is inspired by the simplicity and purity of a water drop, adding a sculptural element to the sauna's interior.
  • Power and Capacity: With a 6.0 kW rating, it is suitable for sauna rooms ranging from 177 to 353 cubic feet, ensuring efficient heating for a comfortable sauna experience.
  • Electrical Requirements: The heater operates on 240V/1PH, requiring a 30 Amp circuit breaker and 10 Gauge wire for installation.
  • Stone Capacity: It can hold up to 122 pounds of sauna stones, ensuring prolonged and consistent heat. The package includes 4 boxes of stones, enhancing the sauna's heat retention and steam generation capabilities.
  • Construction: Made of stainless steel with industrial quality heating elements, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • WiFi Control: The bundle comes with UKU WiFi control, allowing for preheating the sauna remotely for ultimate convenience. The control supports multiple languages and can connect to lights and ventilation, among other features.
  • Dimensions: The wall-mounted heater measures 15.4 inches in width, 13.2 inches in depth, and 23.3 inches in height, making it a compact yet powerful heating solution.
  • Warranty: HUUM offers a limited 5-year warranty for the heater, emphasizing the product's quality and customer satisfaction.

This package not only stands out for its unique design and efficient heating but also for its integration of smart technology, allowing users to control their sauna experience remotely via WiFi. The HUUM DROP 6KW Bundle is an excellent choice for those looking to blend the traditional sauna experience with modern convenience and style.