Cilindro 11Kw Bundle Backcountry Recreation

Harvia Cilindro 11Kw Bundle

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The HARVIA Cilindro 11kW Bundle is an exceptional combination of quality, performance, and aesthetics, designed to elevate the sauna experience to new heights. This comprehensive package includes the HARVIA Cilindro PC110EE electric heater, the HARVIA Xenio CX45 digital control, and a generous supply of sauna stones, ensuring a seamless and customizable sauna experience.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Heating Power: The centerpiece of this bundle, the HARVIA Cilindro PC110EE, offers a powerful 11 kW heating capacity, making it suitable for medium to large sauna rooms, covering 9 to 18 cubic meters or  317 to 635 cubic feet . Its impressive capacity for up to 120 kg of stones ensures both a visually striking appearance and the ability to produce gentle to intense steam, tailored to personal preference.

  • Control and Convenience: The HARVIA Xenio CX45 control unit enhances the user experience with its digital interface, allowing precise temperature and timer settings. Its compatibility with a WiFi remote control kit and the MyHarvia app (both sold separately) adds the convenience of adjusting your sauna settings remotely, ensuring your sauna is ready whenever you are.

  • Design and Installation Flexibility: The Cilindro's sleek, stainless steel pillar design not only serves as a stunning focal point in any sauna but also offers flexibility in placement. It can be embedded into the bench or positioned in front of a glass wall, making it a versatile choice for any sauna layout.

  • Electrical Specifications: Designed for 240V/1PH operation, this heater aligns with standard residential electrical systems. It requires a dedicated circuit with a 50 Amp breaker and 8 AWG wire, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

  • Ease of Use and Safety: With the Xenio control unit, users can easily manage sauna settings, including lighting and safety features, directly from the panel installed inside or outside the sauna room. The heater's integrated safety functions and the ability to connect directly to safety devices make it a safe choice for any home.

This bundle represents HARVIA's commitment to excellence, combining high-quality materials, advanced technology, and thoughtful design to deliver an unmatched sauna experience. Whether you're looking to relax alone or share the experience with friends and family, the HARVIA Cilindro 11kW Bundle provides everything you need for a luxurious and invigorating sauna session.