Outdoor Saunas: Increase Airbnb Revenue & Occupancy

Outdoor Saunas: Increase Airbnb Revenue & Occupancy

Ever considered that your Airbnb could be the cozy retreat guests yearn for, much like an inviting campfire on a crisp autumn evening?

Enhancing your guest experience.

Picture this: a serene twilight, soft snowflakes falling, and the warm embrace of an outdoor sauna. This could be the defining feature that elevates your property above others.

Boosting Nightly Rates with a Nordic Touch

Adding a luxurious outdoor sauna or hot tub can significantly up the ante for nightly rentals, creating an irresistible allure for those looking to unwind. Imagine your

listing with high-quality photos showcasing this exquisite feature, the promise of relaxation and rejuvenation—these are the touches that can bump up your price point, while still providing excellent value for your guests.

Typical airbnb listings with spa amenities can see an increase in price per night upwards of 15-20%. This addition doesn't just justify a higher price; it invites it, translating to a more lucrative venture for you as the host.

Analyzing the Price Premium for Luxe Amenities

Outdoor saunas and hot tubs indisputably add a touch of luxury, driving up your Airbnb's nightly rates significantly.

Saunas and hot tubs are not mere additions; they transform backyards into havens, raising the stakes in rental appeal.

By offering these high-demand amenities, hosts can strategically position their property above the competition, resulting in notable revenue boosts.

Furnishing your space with such upscale features isn't a mere upgrade—it's a strategic investment that tilts the scale of desirability in your favour.

Saunas and Hot Tubs as Revenue Multipliers

Imagine transforming your Airbnb's ambiance, enhancing your guests' experience with the allure of a warm, inviting sauna or a bubbling hot tub under the stars. This addition could turn a pleasant stay into an unforgettable one, prompting guests to willing pay a premium for the luxury.

Our data indicates that outdoor saunas and hot tubs can increase nightly rates by up to 25-30%, signifying a considerable upswing in revenue. These amenities not only command higher prices but also encourage longer stays, ensuring a more stable income stream for hosts. The investment in such high-value features is quickly recuperated, cementing saunas and hot tubs as financially astute acquisitions.

Moreover, properties boasting these coveted amenities typically observe a 10-15% increase in occupancy rates. In a crowded marketplace, where distinctiveness is key, having a sauna or hot tub can make a property stand out, attracting a broader clientele that includes wellness enthusiasts and romance seekers.

Ultimately, equipping your property with a sauna or hot tub can lead to a winning combination: higher rental rates and increased bookings. The result is a twofold financial advantage that enhances property value and guest satisfaction alike. Hosts who embrace these amenities are likely to see a hearty return on investment, alongside glowing reviews that propel their listings to top-tier status.

Elevating Occupancy Through Desire

The allure of a backyard oasis, complete with an outdoor sauna, taps into a universal yearning for relaxation and renewal. Such an amenity transforms an ordinary stay into a restorative retreat, widening the appeal to guests seeking unique experiences. This transformative element not only increases the likelihood of reservations but does so at a premium, elevating the perceived value of your property.

Complementing the lure of the great outdoors with the comfort of a hot tub, hosts can wield the power of hygge—a sense of coziness and contentment. This Scandinavian concept resonates strongly with guests yearning for an escape from the everyday, creating an irresistible draw to your listing.


The Lure of Wellness Features

Wellness is not just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that's finding its way into travel desires. An outdoor sauna or hot tub provides a touch of luxury that is often sought after by those looking to enhance their wellbeing during a getaway.

Imagine ending a day of adventure with a tranquil soak under the stars, or a heat therapy session in a genuine sauna. These experiences don't just enhance a holiday; they become a highlight. Incorporating these wellness features can redefine your rental, setting it apart as an exclusive sanctuary that nurtures the body and calms the mind.

It's about creating an experience that whispers indulgence and tranquility. When guests see images of a steamy hot tub awaiting them or visualize unwinding in a sauna after a day of exploration, the temptation is irresistible. It's these elements of personal care and private luxury that weigh heavily in favor for your Airbnb listing over others.

With a well-appointed outdoor wellness area, the value proposition soars. A soak or steam is often perceived as high-end amenities, translating into guests willing to pay more for the privilege. This uptick in nightly rates is a natural progression as you offer an enhanced stay, but it also impacts occupancy positively. Guests are drawn to distinctive properties that promise an extraordinary experience, ensuring your calendar fills swiftly and stays busy.

Seasonal Advantages of Outdoor Saunas

Outdoor saunas offer a unique appeal that transcends seasons, elevating your Airbnb's allure year-round.

  1. Winter Warmth: A sauna serves as a cozy retreat from the frosty outdoors, attracting winter guests seeking warmth and relaxation.
  2. Autumn Ambience: As leaves change, a sauna amidst the crisp fall air can be a magical and rejuvenating experience for guests.
  3. Spring Rejuvenation: The gentle heat of a sauna can be the perfect antidote to the chill of spring, offering a warm welcome.
  4. Summer Nights: Even during warmer months, evening temperatures can be ideal for a sauna session under the stars, enhancing summer stays.

An outdoor sauna ensures your listing stands out, regardless of the season.

Including a sauna can turn your property into a year-round destination, promising comfort and luxury with every stay.

The ROI of Relaxation Stations

Incorporating an outdoor sauna into your Airbnb can be a game-changer for your revenue stream. It's not just about the allure of a Nordic-inspired spa experience; it's about the concrete return on investment (ROI). Listings with such amenities can often see an uptick in nightly rates, sometimes by as much as 20-30%. Occupancy rates get a boost too, with some hosts noting increases of up to 15%, especially during off-peak seasons when travellers are drawn to the unique offering of an onsite sauna. This translates into a compelling value proposition: invest in a relaxation station, and watch it pay dividends in guest satisfaction and your bottom line.

Calculating Payback on Sauna Investments

When considering the investment in an outdoor sauna, appreciate the broad appeal. Not only does it promise relaxation, it can also significantly elevate your property's allure, potentially allowing for higher nightly rates and increased occupancy.

Outdoor amenities like saunas are key differentiators in a competitive rental market. Even a modest increase in rates can accelerate ROI.

To gauge financial return, examine occupancy and average rate patterns before and after sauna installation, factoring in costs (installation, maintenance, and operation) and projected revenue increase.

Remember, a well-marketed sauna can be the centerpiece of your Airbnb, attracting wellness-focused travelers, who are often willing to pay a premium, thereby increasing your average booking price and reducing vacancy periods.

In essence, the right sauna setup could mean hitting the break-even point sooner than the typical 6-7 years for home improvements. It's a strategic investment that can lead to years of increased revenue and guest fascination.

This investment not only enhances the guest experience but aligns with a growing trend towards health and wellness travel, positioning your property as an in-demand retreat.

Short-Term Pleasures, Long-Term Gains

Imagine your guests unwinding under the stars, enveloped in the warm embrace of your backyard sauna. This image alone is an irresistible lure, one that translates into dollars and sense on your rental profile.

Since implementing outdoor saunas or hot tubs, Airbnb hosts have reported an increase in nightly rates by up to 20%. Not only do these amenities justify a higher price, but they also often result in glowing reviews, which further boost your property's appeal and visibility.

The effect on occupancy rates is just as compelling. Properties with these wellness features can expect an increase in booking frequency, often leading to a 10-15% rise in occupancy. It's the allure of unique experiences that captivates and retains guests, ensuring that your calendar stays packed more often than not.

Investing in a sauna means more than just an uptick in luxury – it's about offering a holistic experience. Properties that provide a blend of adventure and relaxation can capitalize on a niche of market travelers willing to indulge in a bit more extravagance.

With a well-appointed outdoor wellness area, you're not just offering a place to stay; you're promising a memorable escape. That promise, once fulfilled, can become your property's most compelling selling point, leading to sustained success in the rental market.

Marketing Your Sauna for Maximum Impact

Let's illuminate the beauty of your outdoor sauna with effective marketing strategies. High-quality photographs and evocative descriptions are essential. Craft stories that resonate, showcasing the rejuvenating embrace of steam and serenity. This not only captivates potential guests but also sets the tone for the restorative experience awaiting them.

Imagine crafting your listing to reflect a sanctuary away from the clamour of daily life, where your sauna is the star. Highlight unique features, such as the rustic charm of cedar wood or the modernity of infrared technology. User testimonials can amplify the allure, painting a vivid picture of starlit evenings and the gentle hiss of water on hot stones. By placing emphasis on the lifestyle your sauna curates, you turn a simple amenity into an unforgettable highlight.

Storytelling That Sells Serenity

Imagine a personal retreat where stress melts away with the steam; that's the oasis you're selling.

  1. Highlight the transformative power of relaxation with vivid imagery.
  2. Emphasize the end-of-day solace provided by the sauna's warm embrace.
  3. Describe the intimate moments under the stars, enveloped in nature's calm.
  4. Convey the health benefits, such as improved sleep and detoxification.
  5. Focus on the exclusive experience that sets your rental apart from the rest.

Curate your narrative to transport potential guests to a space of tranquility and wellness.

Your sauna isn't just an amenity; it's the heart of your Airbnb's story of peace and calm.

Leveraging Reviews and Social Proof

Positive guest experiences in your outdoor sauna can dramatically enhance your property's appeal.

  • Display high-star reviews prominently in your listing to build trust.
  • Feature guest stories and photos that highlight the sauna experience.
  • Encourage visitors to share their rejuvenating moments on social media.
  • Leverage testimonials speaking to the sheer bliss of a post-sauna plunge.

A robust collection of rave reviews serves as powerful social proof.

Harnessing the voice of satisfied customers propels your listing's credibility and desirability.

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