Wood Burning Hot Tub Installation

The Simplest Way to Assemble Your Hot Tub

We put together a simplified guide for a wood-fired hot tub. The guide is easy to understand and outlines some key considerations you should make. It would be best if you always referred to the assembly model designed for your hot tub. We offer unique hot bathtubs with both internal and external heaters. Each model has a unique assembly manual which is why you should refer to yours at all times.

What Does Hot Tub Assembly Entail?

All our hot bathtubs are made ready for easy at-home assembling. No saws or nails are needed to assemble our units. If you like DIY projects, you will have fun putting together your hot bathtub. We pre-cut and groove our wood, so you slip and slide parts into their places. The only equipment you will need to assemble your tub is a rubber mallet, tape measure, screwdriver, a spirit level and pliers. You might also need a wrench (15/16"). You do not need joinery skills to pull this off. Anyone with average handyman skills can put together the bathtub with minimal effort.

Choosing the Right Spot for The Bath Tub

The first step to setting up your hot bathtub is finding a suitable spot for it. You have to find a spot with good drainage and a level floor. Good drainage is crucial if you are intent on draining the tub and cleaning it regularly. If you enjoy a little splashing and bubbles in the bath, then the drainage is a must-have. You'll use your spirit level to know how to level the floor is. The floor has to be strong because our bathtubs can hold a few tons of water. Add your weight to that, and the tub can weigh over six and a half tons. Here are some measurements for our units and their estimated weights when full of water. The gallon capacity is weighed in pounds.

5" x 3" 315 3010

6" x 3" 470 4380

7" x 3" 660 6000

Preparing The Floor for The Tub

All our units need a foundation before assembly. It would be best if you built a foundation from the material of your choice. Some of the options available to you include concrete blocks, metal beams, cement slabs or railroad ties.

If you're using concrete slabs, it would be best if they measure no less than 4 inches in thickness. The slabs also need to be reinforced with wire mesh for extra strength. We recommend using concrete slabs because they offer the best reinforcement. Other commonly used foundations end up creating an uneven surface for the tub, which can cause leakage.

If you're lucky enough to have a concrete patio in your home, it will make the perfect base for your tub. You have to make sure that the surface is well compacted and levelled. If you are going for something more aesthetic, you could consider making a concrete base more extensive than the tab to make space for chairs so you can launch.

What About Gravel Foundation?

If the ground beneath the gravel is compacted, gravel is an excellent aesthetic choice. We recommend using crushed rock instead of pea gravel because it creates a firm foundation for the tub. The gravel should be large enough to let water drain through. If you want a better aesthetic feel, you can install your tub on a deck. Deck bathtubs increase tub utilization because they are just the proper distance from the house while still providing privacy.