Installation Manuals

We strongly recommend that you fully assemble your hot tub or sauna within seven days from delivery. All of our wood products are delivered natural, without chemical stains or sealants. Natural lumber can warp when exposed to heat and moisture. This is especially true for soft woods such as cedar and spruce. As such, products not assembled promptly after delivery may become more challenging to assemble.

Please contact customer service if you have any questions or concerns. Our installation support team can be reached Mon-Friday 8AM - 5PM PST by phone at 877-446-3565 Ext 2. You can also email them at

Barrel Sauna Installation Video

This video gives a step by step guide on how to assemble the beautiful Backcountry Recreation Barrel Sauna with Porch. Your model may be slightly different than in this video but dont worry your installation will be very similar.

Please check the product code stamped on our shipping crate and refer to the corresponding installation manual.

Classic Barrel Saunas

6 Ft Thermowood Barrel Sauna
BAR-TW-6-D - Download
6 Ft Cedar Barrel Sauna
BAR-CE-6 - Downalod
BAR-CE-6-D - Download
8 Ft Thermowood Barrel Sauna
BAR-TW-8-D - Download
8 Ft Cedar Barrel Sauna
BAR-CE-8 - Download
BAR-CE-8-D - Download

Classic Barrel Sauna W/ Porch

8 Ft Thermowood Barrel Sauna W/ Porch
PORC-TW-8-D- Download
8 Ft Cedar Barrel Sauna W/ Porch
PORC-CE-8-D - Download
PORC-CE-8-K & FYR-1824 -Download
10 Ft Cedar Barrel Sauana w/ Porch
PORC-CE-10 / FYRJ-1830 - Download

Scenic View Barrel Sauna

8 Ft Thermowood Scenic View
SCEN-TW-8-D- Download

Panoramic Saunas

8 Ft Panoramic Barrel Sauna
PANO-CE-8 - Download
10 Ft Barrel Sauna W/ Porch

PORC-PANO-CE-10 - Downlaod

Scenic View Saunas XL

BAR-KING-TW-230 - Download
BAR-TRCE-TW - Download

Modern / Cube Saunas

MDRN-HIGI - Download
MDRN-HIGI-XL - Download
CUBE-CE-6 - Download

Wood Burning Hot Tubs

Classic Internal Wood Burning Hot Tub - Download
Deluxe Wood Fired Hot Tub With Liner - Download

Electric Cedar Hot Tubs

Electric Cedar Hot Tub - Download

HUUM Heaters & Controllers

DROP - Download
HIVE- Download
HIVE HEAT Wood - Download
UKU Controller - Download
UKU Extension Box- Download

Other Electic Sauna Heaters

TOULE - Download
SAUNACORE - Download
HOMECRAFT - Download
HARVIA KIP - Download

Add-Ons & Accessories

Wood Stove Installation - Download
Deluxe Outdoor Shower - Download
Shingle Kit Installation - Download

Balboa Manuals

BP100 Manual - Download
BP100 Toubleshooting - Download
TP200 Controller Manual - Download