Freightera: A Better Way to Ship Freight

Freightera: A Better Way to Ship Freight

So you’ve purchased your top-notch product and now you need to have it delivered. Luckily we’ve been working with Freightera for a long time so you don’t have to worry about that part of your purchase. We do that for you!

That means they’ve been delivering our product to receivers all over North America for a while now. Outside of that, they’ve had hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. Just like Backcountry, they strive for excellence and reliability. 

Seeing that you’re browsing around our website we can tell that you’re a connoisseur and that means you want the best the market has to offer. 

So what is Freightera?

They are a business-to-business freight shipping marketplace, giving you multiple carriers to choose from for any given shipping lane. They specialize in green shipping which means that they’re partnered with SmartWay and they constantly promote lower-emission carriers which are, incidentally, usually the cheapest to boot. 

How does Freightera work?

After you’ve registered your company with them and been approved after a minute or two, you simply log in and click get a quote. You enter the pickup and delivery cities, location types, commodity and dimensions, and weight and that’s it. You’ll get a shipping rate almost instantly. 

There’s a reason why Backcountry as well as many other high-quality companies have been using Freightera for as long as we have. You expect the highest quality service and so do we. From less than truckload to full truckload, container, as well as many other service types ⁠— Freightera has you covered. 

In your free time, since you’re reading this, you’re likely a sauna-enjoying, relaxation-seeking, and nature-loving individual; but whether your work involves manufacturing, importing, sales or trade, Freightera strives to make your work-day be in the same spirit as your free time: green and easy-going. 

It’s time to let you get back to looking for the perfect way to relax, but when you do purchase your article, pay attention and see for yourself that the delivery will be seamless. 

If you were pleased with how your shipment from us arrived and your business involves any kind of shipping, give Freightera a try. They try to make your  every shipment as relaxing as Backcountry makes your time off.

Get your free freight shipping quote at Freightera  and see for yourself!