Barrel Sauna Assembly

Assembling Your Barrel Sauna

While we do have several unique barrel saunas available to you, this guide can be used to outline key factors when assembling your chosen sauna, regardless of the model.

Remember to always follow the manual included with your barrel sauna model to ensure secure placement and function.


You don't need to be a professional carpenter to assemble one of our barrel saunas.

All of our barrel saunas come in DIY kits. This means all of the lumber comes pre-cut and grooved, and there will be no cutting or sawing required on your part.

When assembling, you'll need:

  • Large rubber mallet
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver or cordless drill
  • Spirit level
  • Pliers
  • 15/16" wrench.

If you have an average level of handyman skills, you won't have a problem using any of our kits.


When choosing a site for your barrel sauna, it's critical to take the weight of an occupied sauna into account.

A sauna with several bathers can weigh over 1000 lbs., which means it's important to select a site with a leveled, strong, and stable foundation.

If you prefer the sauna to be on the ground, use polymer support cradles on top of concrete pavers. This is to prevent the sauna from sitting at an uneven level and causing future problems due to the cradles settling into the ground without the pavers.

What we recommend, however, is to place your sauna atop a deck or concrete patio.

Concrete Patio

The life of your barrel sauna will be maximized if placed on top of a well-constructed concrete patio that's compacted and leveled.

The concrete patio should be 4" thick and reinforced with mesh to minimize cracking.

The bigger the patio, the better. A large amount of space is needed for the sauna alone, as you may also want to add accessories such as chairs and tables to complete the setting.

Installing on a Deck

If you've seen a sauna on a deck, you know what a great location it is. It has a sophisticated and elegant look to it and is close to home, so you'll be utilizing the sauna often.

Before installing your sauna, however, we suggest having your deck inspected by a qualified architect or building engineer. This is to ensure the deck is strong and stable enough to support over 1000 lbs. in weight.


Our saunas are energy-efficient because they operate on 220v and draw less than 40 amps of power.

The sauna heater requires 220v and must be hard-wired to the electrical box.

For saunas that come with a 4.5kw or 6.0kw heater, it'll need a 30-amp breaker and 10/2 wire. The only exception is if the heater is more than 30 ft away from the breaker, which will then require an 8/2 wire.

8kw heaters will need a 40-amp breaker and 8/2 wire.

All electrical wiring must be done by a qualified and licensed electrician with a complete knowledge of local codes and regulations.

However, the costs of hiring an electrician vary depending on:

  • The distance between your sauna and the electrical service box
  • Your residential State
  • Material costs

Before installing, we suggest getting quotes from 2 or 3 different licensed electricians.

A hole will be drilled into the wall of the sauna by your electrician below the heater. This is to create a channel for all of the wiring to come through.

In a barrel sauna, the conduit can also come through the floor below the heater.

Do not make the connection with aluminum wire. Use a 90C insulation copper wire instead.

All wiring must conform to all national, state, and local codes and regulations, so consult with an electrician to determine the requirements for your particular situation.

Please refer to the provided heater manual included with your unit for more information and instruction on your heater's installation and operation.