Sauna Heater Comparison


Available in 6kW & 9KW Models: $786 - $949 CAD (6KW Included with sauna purchase)

For the price point vs quality it doesn't get much better than this! This heater is the best bang for your buck both in its reliability and features of this specific model (off board digital controls, timers, etc). 

- Auxiliary output controls for lights, fans etc.
- Delayed Start Feature
- Can be purchased with on heater controls or wall mount
- Digital controller
- Offered at a steep discount when purchased with a Backcountry sauna.

- Not the most "attractive"
- Wall mount model can be more difficult to install


Available in 6kW & 8W Models: $1199 - $1399 CAD

Harvia has been the biggest name in sauna heaters for over 70 years! The Harvia FLB model, made by Harvia in Finland, is a traditional Finnish-style wall-mounted sauna heater. What this one lacks in special and aesthetic features it makes up for in heat and getting the job done. 

- Extremely reliable
- Easy to use
- Great for rental units or Airbnb's
- Durable stainless steel components
- ETL safety listed

- Expensive for so few features
- No remote control


Available in 9KW Models: $1830 CAD

For our customers who like their saunas really steamy this is the unit we usually recommend. The Saunacore has industrial low-density silver solder Incoloy elements and a manual-fill water reservoir for continuous steam throughout your sauna session. This is also one of our most energy efficient models. 


- Long lasting stainless steel construction
- Limited lifetime warranty
- Certified to CSA/UL and CE standards
- Wall Mount. (corner or flat wall)
- Easy to use controls
- Built in water resevoir

- Timer makes a "ticking" sound


Available in 7.5KW & 9KW Models: $1199 - $1275 CAD

The Homecraft H-series residential sauna heater is the perfect quick and efficient electric heater for your sauna room. While many heaters take upwards of an hour to heat your room, the H-series heater is specifically designed for the perfect dry-sauna experience. Engineered with optimum air flow in mind this Homecraft heater will heat your room between 20-30 minutes. Built to last this heater is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your traditional Sauna Room or barrel Sauna.

- Energy efficient
- Made in Canada
- Homecraft Manufacturers 2 year guarantee
- Comes with rocks included
- Certified to CSA/UL and CE standards

- Wall mount control will need a waterproof box for outdoor installaion


Available in 6kW, 9kW, 10.5kW, 12kW Models

These are one of our best sellers! What the Huum line of products offers is a more traditional sauna experience by limiting metal and increasing total rock surface area. This provides a closer to wood fired experience with the reliability of electricity. Many of our customers prefer the design of the Huum as it is an accent piece against the backdrop of your high-quality wood sauna.

- Wifi Controller
- HUGE amount thermal mass (rocks)
- Looks fantastic
- Auxiliry controls for fans, lights etc
- Certified to CSA/UL and CE standards

- Price
- Can require some troubleshooting