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Classic Cedar Hot Tub - Electric Heater 6"W X 4'H (6 Person Deep)

Classic Cedar Hot Tub - Electric Heater 6"W X 4'H (6 Person Deep)

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Discover the ultimate relaxation experience with our Cedar Electric Hot Tub, where cutting-edge technology meets the natural elegance of Canadian Clear Red Cedar. Immerse yourself in comfort and tranquility, enhanced by the soothing aromas of cedar and the ease of modern convenience.

Product Features

  • Canadian Clear Red Cedar for enhanced durability and insulation.
  • Natural aromatherapy with cedar's fragrance.
  • Stainless steel straps prevent wood splitting.
  • Balboa heater with M7 sensors for consistent heat.
  • WiFi-enabled ControlMySpa for easy control.
  • 1.5 HP Waterway pump for effective circulation.
  • DIY-friendly assembly in about 3 hours.
  • Virgin vinyl liner for easy maintenance and comfort.
  • Available across Canada for eco-conscious relaxation.
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Western red cedar is one of the most commercially valuable species. Its exceptional working properties, like natural resistance to termites, rot and decay, make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

Balboa BP100 Bundle with TP200 Keypad # #seotitle## Backcountry Recreation


Proudly offering Balboa heaters & controls our hot tubs are some of the most efficient on the market. No big heating bills!


An aesthetic that complements any home or cabin.

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Product Details

Product Description


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Our Electric Tubs are made of clear Canadian Clear Red Cedar, a close cousin to the traditional cypress wood used in Japan. Red Cedar has the distinct advantage of being naturally resilient to decay and bacteria. It also is known for its high insulating value. The pleasant aromatherapy of cedar heightens the experience! Our tubs use an architectural stainless steel strap system which allows the tub to naturally expand and contract without worrying about the wood splitting.

Balboa BP100 4.4Kw Heater 

The Balboa BP100 spa pack with the TP200 topside control panel features the latest in sensor technology with the M7 sensor system. The M7 system has no external sensors for flow, temperature and pressure, all the sensors are placed onboard with in the spa pack which makes the M7 the most reliable system on the market.

The Balboa BP7 spa pack is also compatible with the ControlMySpa WiFi unit that can be easily added. With the ControlMySpa unit, you can control the settings of your hot tub from the comfort of your home, so no more getting cold while checking the temperature or changing the filter cycles.

Waterways 1.5 HP Pump

Waterway Plastics continues to be the bath and spa industry leader for more than four decades. Their spa control systems and PVC plastic products are used worldwide, including their complete line of bath and spa jets. They have also become a leader in the PVC fittings and plastics business. They have also developed many globally recognized brands throughout the bath, pool, and spa industry.


Putting together the tub is easy! All our hot tub kits are designed with the DIY customer in mind. Anyone with novice woodworking skills could do it in approximately 3 hours. All the assembler will need is a level, Phillips screwdriver, 7/16″ and 9/16″ open end wrenches, 9/16″ deep socket wrench, vise grips, and a mallet.


Our 100% virgin vinyl hot tub liner is designed specially to fit with a minimal appearance that preserves the rustic and timeless beauty of a cedar tub. There are numerous benefits associated with a vinyl liner. Firstly, lined cedar tubs are much easier to clean, sanitize and maintain. The liner eliminates a host of issues like leaking, tannin leaching and wood rot. Liners also make the tub more comfortable to sit in, as there will be no rough edges or splinters. Another important benefit of the liner is that it provides the option of adding a layer of high-performance insulation between the liner and the wood. The insulation doubles the R-value of wood alone, meaning your water will stay warmer much longer.

Our liners are constructed from 100% Virgin Vinyl, custom designed and computer cut for your hot tub. It is formulated to fight off mold, mildew, and the fading effects of sunlight, heat and chemicals.


We ship our cedar hot tubs to everywhere in Canada to eco hot tub lovers who enjoy a relaxing soak in the full presence of nature!

Product Specs

Seating Capacity 4 - 6 people depending on the seating arrangement as well as the size and proximity of the bathers
Wood Type Canadian Red Cedar
External Diameter 71”
Side Wall Height 47 ¼”
Dry Weight 725 lbs
Max Water Volume 800 gallons
Liner Vinyl liner included
Heater Type 5.5kW heater 
Electrical Requirements 240V 40A (5.5kW)
WiFi Compatible 

Packaging & Shipping

Wooden Crate
94 ½” L x 45 ¼” W x 33” H

Warranty Information

Our wooden saunas come with a 1-year limited warranty. Our Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stoves also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to: