You can use our wood-fired hot tubs at this Canadian getaway!

You can use our wood-fired hot tubs at this Canadian getaway!


Earlier this year we sent two of our wood-fired hot tubs to a magical little getaway in West Porter Lake, Nova Scotia. The owners Corey & Alicia have built a 3 tiny home pine wood cottage accommodation nestled in a wooden area just minutes from East Lawrencetown Beach. Each of their tiny homes has their own personal wood-fired hot tub for their guests to enjoy during their stay. 
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We have been following their progress throughout the year and could not be more excited for them. Lawrencetown Lodge started in June 2018 as an idea to solve an accommodation shortage in the area. Corey & Alicia continuously had friends and family coming to the area with the question ‘is there anywhere close by to stay?’ – They came up with the idea of developing cottages and have been working on creating Lawrencetown Lodge Inc. ever since. Not only did they want to create an accommodation business, we wanted to create a unique experience with modern touches in a beautiful location and with a cedar wood-burning cottage for each cottage we couldn't agree more. 
Not only that but Corey & Alicia just had Canada select out to visit them and they achieved a 4.5 star accommodation rating and have been featured in the Doers and Dreamers guide as well as on the Tourism NS website! Amazing work guys!


Our cedar wood barrel hot tubs are completely off-grid - they require zero electricity as they are solely heated by firewood making it the perfect perk to any lodge or getaway. 


Check them out!


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