Why a Barrel Sauna Is Better Than a Regular Sauna Cabin

Why a Barrel Sauna Is Better Than a Regular Sauna Cabin

Why a Barrel Sauna Is Better Than a Regular Sauna Cabin

What is a barrel sauna?

A barrel sauna is a unique and stylish personal sauna for your backyard! You get all the physical and mental health benefits of relaxing in a sauna without leaving your home.

Your barrel sauna kit can be shipped almost anywhere, and one or two adults can assemble it yourself in the afternoon. Then, when you're done, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor in your new personal barrel sauna.

Do barrel saunas heat up quickly?

The cylindrical design allows the barrel sauna to heat up faster than your typical sauna, and it can reach the optimum temperature in 45 minutes!

How efficient is a barrel sauna?

This is another reason why its shape is so effective. A barrel sauna requires less energy to fill the room than its rectangular counterpart, and the heat stays where it's enjoyed. Hanging out in your new favorite room won't break the bank!

Does a barrel sauna require a lot of maintenance?


It's designed for outdoor use and fully equipped to withstand its environment. The rounded top sheds water naturally, and it can handle a decent heap of snow. The polymer support cradles allow your barrel sauna to rest on any flat surface, so you don't have to worry about maintenance.

Will a barrel sauna be affected by the heat it produces?

It goes without saying that saunas produce a fair amount of intermittent heat. Heat causes wood to expand. When too many nails and screws are used on expanding wood, the result is often wood that splits and separates in different weather conditions.

Barrel saunas don't rely on excessive nails and screws. The design allows the wood to expand and contract within the confines of the steel bands and the fluctuations in temperature won't damage the wood.

Is there anything that isn't great about barrel saunas?

There are just a few minor flaws:

  1. They don't have proper insulation. They heat up so quickly that it isn't usually an issue, but on very bitter cold days, it's something you might notice.
  2. It may leak without added roofing material.
  3. Heat escapes when the door opens, so you'll want to limit the ins and outs.
  4. Your feet might get cold, but fortunately, this isn't a common complaint.

What's the #1 tip when buying a barrel sauna?

The most important decision you'll need to make when shopping for a barrel sauna is the type of heater. Decide if you want a gas, wood-fired, electric or infrared heater and keep in mind whether or not the type of heater you choose depends on the location of your barrel sauna. A wood-fired heater is standard for outdoor saunas, but gas might save you money.

The decision to buy your own barrel sauna is one you won't regret! Want to learn more about our barrel saunas? Give us a call! 877-446-3565 or send us an email info@backcountryrecreation.com

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