How Does Adding a Cedar Hot Tub or Barrel Sauna Impact My Home's Sale or Airbnb Value?

How Does Adding a Cedar Hot Tub or Barrel Sauna Impact My Home's Sale or Airbnb Value?


Cedar hot tubs are not standard in many households, making them a luxury for most people. However, Cedar is a great natural material to use when building a hot tub. Cedar hot tubs come in different designs and sizes to suit other Airbnb houses.

On the other hand, a barrel sauna is a different design that can perform as a luxury spa resort right in your backyard. If you haven't seen a barrel sauna, it looks exactly how you'd imagine it: a big barrel with a door on one end, two benches, and a heat source inside.

The Advantages of Having a Cedar Hot Tub or a Barrel Sauna

Installing a cedar hot tub or a barrel sauna in your Airbnb listing adds the following benefits for your clients.

  • Stress Relief

A nice soak in a bathtub has been known to ease body tension, relieving stress. Airbnb clients usually seek a place to unwind, so a nice soak in a bathtub would be the best way to rest their muscles.

  • Pain Relief

Hot water in a bathtub improves circulation, relieving inflammation and pain. Soaking in a tub is very similar to a good massage or physiotherapy session.

  • Better Cardiovascular Health

Relaxing in a sauna or hot tub increases your heart rate and lowers your blood pressure. In addition, studies have shown that immersing the body in heated water positively affects people with high blood pressure.

  • Skin Benefits

Spending time in a hot tub or a barrel sauna opens up clogged pores that could cause blemishes to form on the skin. However, you can expect your clients to leave your Airbnb with soft, blemish-free skin.

  • Barrel Saunas Are Super Easy to Construct.

An added advantage of the barrel sauna is that it is easy to build. Barrel saunas are usually sold as DIY kits for the buyer to assemble at the preferred location. You can get the set put up yourself with minimum carpentry skills.

  • Barrel Saunas Are Cheaper To Construct.

In addition, constructing a barrel sauna requires fewer materials, so you don't have to pay much to set up the structure. Once you set up your barrel sauna, you will notice that it adds an aesthetic quality to your backyard.

Always advise your clients on who can use the hot tub or barrel sauna and who is not to avoid any accidents. Anyone with heart disease and pregnant women should avoid using the tub. Anyone with a skin injury should not go into a hot tub or sauna to avoid risking an infection.


Whichever design you choose, a barrel sauna or a cedar hot tub, your guests will love the benefits of utilizing the added features. You can list the extra utility on Airbnb, subsequently increasing the value of your listing. There is no need to limit yourself; you can have both units installed to get a higher rating for your Airbnb listing. There are thousands of listing on Airbnb, and you want yours to stand out. There is no better way to achieve an added advantage against your competition than by adding a stylish barrel sauna or a cozy cedar hot tub for your clients.

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