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Do Saunas Add Value to Your Home?

Do Saunas Add Value to Your Home

Adding an outdoor sauna to your home is one of the best home renovation ideas you should consider as a homeowner or reseller. Apart from the obvious health benefits, a sauna makes your home more functional by creating a cozy family corner for socializing. Plus, it becomes your go-to spot for personal enjoyment after a long day at work. However, there are more factors to consider if a sauna will really increase the resale value of your home. Let's explore below:-

Consider Your Neighborhood

Is a sauna popular in your neighborhood? If so, adding one to your home will make it more appealing to a prospective buyer. Indeed, houses in Finland and most parts of Europe have saunas as one of their top-selling points. The locals attach great value to their bathing and purification rituals, even using their saunas as bacteria-free zones for childbirth. More so, they view saunas as communal areas for family bonding.

In contrast, the Canadian & US sauna culture is still young. Canadian homeowners prefer private saunas in their homes or enrolling in a gym or spa sauna in the neighborhood. Hence, having a home with a sauna in places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Northern Michigan is a must-have due to the influence from the Finnish immigrants that made sweat lodges a favorite in the area. Only saunas are less popular, where hot tubs and steam showers are cheaper to install and operate. Besides, saunas rely on a heat source that must reach boiling point. Also, you need to install it in a waterproof enclosure. Getting approval for such installations may prove to be too expensive.

Does Your Home Need Other Renovations?

Since most homeowners view a sauna as a non-essential luxury, ensure you have all your other home attributes before considering adding a sauna to your home. That is, the location, neighborhood, home curb's appeal, types and sizes of rooms, closets and storage, windows and lighting, and the finishing touches in your home should be in order. Then, have a sauna as the icing on the cake to sway an undecided buyer to make that final decision to buy your property.

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What Alternatives Do You Have?

When on a strict home improvement budget, weigh all your options before settling for any renovations. And, when it comes to saunas, consider the other alternatives that can give you and future occupants of your house similar benefits you want from a sauna. A sauna is excellent for relaxation, improving skin complexion, and lowering blood pressure. It also assists in weight loss and pain management after injury or an intensive workout. Besides, the sauna helps you relieve inflammation, arthritis, and flu symptoms.

Still, an in-house sauna takes up space in your home. It may cost you even more, should you plan to move it in the future. And, some homebuyers find maintaining a sauna intimidating. Here is a list of some sauna alternatives and substitutes: -

  • Portable Sauna –Use a portable sauna if you have limited space, love traveling, or want to have the sauna as a seasonal luxury in your home.

  • Sauna Blanket – Like portable saunas, sauna blankets take up little space in your home. Plus, you can use them anywhere, including sitting on a chair, lying on the bed, or meditating on the floor. They retail at an affordable price range too.

  • Steam Shower – Steam showers are appropriate options for homes with more than one washroom. They vary in size and aesthetics and can cost up to $4,000.

  • Hot Tub – A minimalistic hot tub saves you energy costs. Still, you may spend up to $30,000 to install luxurious hot tubs with such features as spa jets for target area massages. We have a full line of wood burning and electric wood hot tubs here

  • Renovating the Bathroom into a Steam Room - Compare the cost and benefits of installing a sauna and turning one of your bathrooms into a steam room. The bathroom renovations include sealing crevices on the bathroom windows and doors, setting up a hot water shower, and installing appropriate lighting. However,, avoid this option if you live in humid areas or your home is prone to mold or mildew formation.

  • A Hot Bath/Shower – At the very least, install a hot bath to release similar heat shock proteins that you would expect from a sauna.

Whereas a barrel sauna has alternatives and substitutes, you can still install it in your home to express your personality. Make it a unique selling point by customizing its design, using ergonomic backrests ideal for a lounge, and installing a transparent, glass, shatter-proof door for safety and added appeal.

Bottom line

The best way to add value to your home with a barrel / outdoor sauna is by looking at it from the buyer's perspective. When installing it as a luxury addition, ensure you have all the other essential amenities in place. Also, consider what other installations you can have that will offer similar benefits. After all, you wouldn't want to compromise an energy-efficient home, landscaping, kitchen, and bathroom amenities by fixing a sauna in a tight space.

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