Complete Guide To Buying Your Barrel Sauna

Complete Guide To Buying Your Barrel Sauna

Owning an outdoor or barrel sauna at your home often comes with benefits. Not only do you not have to share with the public, but it can also help relieve stress. You'll have that option if you wish to share the sauna with your immediate household or even alone. The good news is there are high-quality saunas designed specifically made for residential homes. In addition, buying a sauna online has never been easier, and shopping for one can be exciting.

The toughest challenge of shopping online for a sauna is picking the perfect one for your home. First, evaluate your needs so you can start by determining what they are. If you need help with that, you can go through this guide to help you navigate the various features, sizes, and upgrades you can get with barrel saunas. At the end of this guide, you'll be more informed and, hopefully, know what kind of sauna is perfect for your home.

You will need to consider key considerations in the guide, and it's been broken down to provide as much information as possible.


It all depends on how you use the sauna and the amount of space that you have available. When shopping for a sauna, it will tell you how many people it can seat comfortably. It should also tell you the interior dimensions and give you the technical drawings so you know how to fit it in the space you'd like.


You can choose from a variety of heaters to have in your sauna. It all depends on personal taste. The most traditional heater is the wood-burning stove, but it may not work well in a smaller heater.

For example, if you only have the space for a smaller heater, electric heaters are ideal for small saunas 6x6' or less. A wood-burning stove wouldn't be ideal for saunas this size because it wouldn't be able to handle the heat that larger saunas would. Electric heaters are also easier to maintain, and you can control the temperature, which is important in a smaller sauna. However, you will need a licensed electrician to install the electric heater inside the sauna.

Wood-fired heaters are one of the most popular haters for saunas because of the heat they produce. It can get boiling, so it's best used in a sauna that is 6x6' or larger. It's also easy to install these heaters, and the ambiance is what you'd expect in a sauna.


Choosing the right type of wood for a sauna is important. Why? Because it determines the design and how it absorbs the heat. Various types of wood can be used for the home and customized to your needs.


The wood used for home use is Spruce, Cedar, and Pine. They can easily absorb heat and steam efficiently, and many designs can be made with them. Let's look at the benefits.


Spruce Outdoor & Barrel Saunas

Barrel Sauna Buying Guide Backcountry Recreation

Spruce is one of the cost-effective saunas you can use to build a high-quality one. Spruce is a white wood with fine grains and white knots. Over time, the wood will get darker but keep its lighter color. Spruce has a little scent that you can smell while you use the sauna, which can be relaxing for many people.


Pine Outdoor & Barrel Saunas

Outdoor Barrel Sauna Backcountry RecreationPine, also very cost-effective, like Spruce, can be used for saunas. It is light-colored, and it has great strength. Pine has a nice smelling aroma, which can be used indoors or outdoors. However, treat pine barrel saunas if using them outside your home.


Cedar Outdoor & Barrel Saunas

Barrel Sauna Buying Guide Backcountry Recreation Cedar is one of the most popular woods for barrel saunas because it's widely available. It is naturally resistant to termites, rot and decay, making it an attractive sauna option. It also has a pleasant aroma, which smells nice when relaxing in the sauna. Although there are many grades of red cedar saunas on the market, Backcountry Recreation only uses the highest clear grade cedar available, making out saunas one of the highest quality red cedar saunas on the market.

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