Wood Burning Hot Tub Foundation

Building a Strong Sauna & Hot Tub Foundation

The saying “you’re only as strong as the foundation you build on” is as true in construction as in life.

When planning your foundation for your wood-burning hot tubs or barrel sauna, prepare a good solid foundation.

That said, it’s equally necessary to ensure the maintenance and longevity of your newly invested private home sauna or hot tub. The key is creating a solid—level — base with good drainage. cedar hot tub and barrel sauna on raised wooden deck

Remember, a full cedar wood burning hot tub can weigh up to 3-4000 lbs. when filled with water. Cedar saunas are much lighter and typically weigh around 1,000 lbs when entirely constructed. So make sure to plan on a lot of weight if you build a deck to house your wood-burning hot tub.

Some of the most popular foundations are as follows:

Patio Stones

Patio stones are cheap and cheerful; they are easy to install and provide a beautiful base for your wood-burning hot tub. The other thing to note, these are typically available at any DIY store.

Paving Stones underneath Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Gravel or Crushed Rock

Crushed gravel or rock is great, it is inexpensive, easy to install. The only drawback is getting enough gravel delivered can require a specialized service. It is also slightly less permanent than concrete or patio stones.  

Gravel foundation for hot tub or sauna


Concrete is one of the best foundations and the most permanent. It can handle almost anything you throw at it and support significant weight. However, this can be somewhat costly and require a contractor if you are unfamiliar with pouring a concrete slab.

When preparing the foundation on the ground or if you’re pouring concrete, we recommend you mark out an area of approximately 30cm than the outside dimensions of the unit (all our dimensions are shown on each product, or you can talk to our installation and support team by phone if you’d prefer help that way)

concrete foundation for cedar hot tub or barrel sauna

Raised Deck / Patio

A beautiful compliment to your wood-fired hot tub or barrel sauna. You will need to ensure they support and take the weight of a filled hot tub, but you can customize the deck to match the wood on your barrel sauna or cedar hot tub.

raised patio for cedar hot tub or barrel sauna


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