Barrel Sauna Basics

Barrel Sauna Basics

Purchasing your first barrel sauna is thrilling but may also be overwhelming. It's a significant decision with a lot to think about. Having an outdoor barrel sauna in your house offers numerous advantages, but you must ensure that you make the best decision possible. With this beginner's guide, finding the ideal barrel sauna that fits where you want it, is within your budget, and provides the benefits you want is simple. When considering purchasing a sauna, keep the following points in mind.

Benefits Of Owning a Barrel Sauna Kit

Let's begin by talking about why you might want to get a sauna in the first place. Having unlimited access to a sauna in your house has numerous advantages.

Backcountry Recreation Saunas can help with stress since the time spent relaxing can help to alleviate tension and anxiety. It can also help to regulate blood pressure, prevent depression, treat skin problems, and even alleviate chronic pain.

Sauna use can also assist in cleansing the body of free radicals, enhance cardiovascular health, and reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Why Location Matters

One of the first questions you should ask yourself during purchasing is where your sauna will be placed in your home. You'll have to decide whether you want an indoor or outdoor sauna as part of the location decision. Then, of course, it will be determined by the amount of room available in your home or yard.

You may have your outdoor saunas built in various areas around your home. The options are limitless. However, here are some questions to think about:

  • What is the minimum amount of space required for setup and performance?
  • What kind of foundation should the barrel sauna be placed on?

What Types of Saunas Are There?

A conventional sauna uses heat and convection to create a comfortable environment. This is the most common sauna that you'll find in a gym. A wood-burning sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna heated with wood using a stove.

Another type is an electrically heated sauna. It is effective, simple to use, and secure. Different types of saunas have different heaters, normally controlled by a remote and located on the floor or wall.

When planning an outdoor sauna, you should also consider whether you want a cabin-style sauna or a barrel sauna. Barrel saunas have grown in popularity due to their reduced footprint and cylindrical design, which allows for natural air circulation.

What Is Quality Available?

Quality is also crucial. You must pick a product that meets your requirements to get the most bang for your buck. It's also crucial to select a reputable company from which to purchase your components or equipment so that the sauna will last; you may even want to consider a sauna kit. Backcountry Recreation only uses 100% Canadian Western Red Cedar; it is also "clear grade", which is the highest grade available for cedar.

Consider warranties and get suggestions from people in your neighborhood who have used different types of saunas while you're out shopping.

Final Thoughts

When purchasing a sauna for the first time, a lot of confusing information is available. Make sure you do your research and choose a sauna that meets your demands and matches your budget while also adding value to your home or property. After all, it should be something you and your family have love doing for a long time! If you need help deciding what sauna you'd like for your home or any other concerns, call us at 1-877-446-3565 or send us an email at

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