Are wood-fired hot tubs worth the work?

Are wood-fired hot tubs worth the work?

Are wood-fired hot tubs worth the work?

Most people default to purchasing an electric hot tub and are done with it. What if you considered a wood-fired hot tub? Electrically heated tubs tend to be more economical, as well as more convenient. So why choose a wood-fired tub?

Overall, wood-fired hot tubs heat up quickly, require little maintenance, and last long. On average, wood-fired tubs heat up as much as six times faster than their electric counterpart! In addition, while all variations of hot tubs have to be drained and cleaned regularly, wood-fired tubs feature a stainless steel interior that eliminates the need for harsh pool chemicals. The sturdy stainless steel combined with solid wood (usually cedar) ensures your hot tub will last far longer than an electric hot tub made of degrading plastics.

At first glance, wood-fired hot tubs may seem to belong to ancient times. Fortunately, today's wood tubs can accommodate additional features such as digital controls, therapy jets, and filtration systems to ensure it doesn't lack the abilities of their electric counterpart.

Underrated features of wood-fired hot tubs include both their aesthetic and aromatic properties. The rustic look of these tubs is appealing to many people. They boost the appearance of your living space much more than plastic electric hot tubs. In addition, the cedar that these tubs are made from contains oils that release when soaked. These oils provide a natural scent that adds to the relaxation the tub provides.

Many buyers are turned away from a wooden tub because they believe water will cause it to rot over time. It's important to note that these tubs are only made from water-resistant materials, such as cedar and redwood. An added benefit of using these woods is their insulation properties. They will naturally help keep the heat in the water.

So why is this article titled "Are Wood-Fired Hot Tubs Worth the Work?"

Unlike other styles of hot tubs, wood-fired hot tubs are not self-contained. You will need more space to fit all the components. Also, wood-fired hot tubs need to be assembled, at least partially, unlike other tubs. Many people prefer prebuilt variants where no setup is required. While these tubs utilize water-resistant woods, it's still important to remember that you will be working with wood. It means that they require to be stained every couple of years. It's not a particularly hard task, but it will require some time.

There are pros and cons to all types of hot tubs. It may seem intimidating to buy a wood-fired hot tub; however, they make some of the best backyard spas that money can buy. So if you're faced with the opportunity to buy one, it's certainly not a purchase you will regret.

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