10 Things You May Not Know About Barrel Saunas

10 Things You May Want To Know About Barrel Saunas

  1. Easy to Assemble. Barrel saunas are a clever and convenient design. They require no major tools for cutting or assembly. Barrel saunas are "built" on-site by placing the milled cedar boards around the circumference of the two circular end walls, then strapping everything in place with the set of locking rings provided.
  2. Convenient Shipping. Barrel saunas ship unassembled to almost anywhere in the world. The kit comes with a pallet stack of 2x4s, door, stove, benches and a set of circular end rings.
  3. No insulation. An interesting and sleek design that you can have at home doesn't come with its own setbacks. Barrel saunas have no insulation, which probably won't be a problem most of the time because of how quickly it heats up but it is worth noting, particularly on very cold winter days..
  4. Close the Door! Unfortunately, opening the door will let some of the heat out very quickly. This can be a huge downer for those who are still inside. In the wintertime, it's crucial to be very selective about going in and out of your barrel sauna, for the sake of others.
  5. Backyard escape: Being in nature at the same time as bathing in the sauna really enhances an experience that was already quite unique and satisfying.