The Wasaga Garden Suite
The Wasaga Garden Suite
The Wasaga Garden Suite
The Wasaga Garden Suite
The Wasaga Garden Suite
The Wasaga Garden Suite

The Wasaga Garden Suite

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The Wasaga Garden Suite

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Backcountry Recreation offers a full line of built-to-order garden suites and guest cabins. Below is one of our best sellers but to view our full product line download our catalogue here, please note a catalogue orders lead time is 8-10 weeks. 

If you are looking for extra space to turn into an office or comfort area, you do not need to put in a lot of work in creating the perfect outdoor cabin that will provide you with a homely feel. All you need to do is get already made pieces for you to join together and create the perfect structure.

The Wasaga garden suite contains a kit with all the materials you will need to build your outdoor garden room eliminating the need to go to the hardware store or craft a blueprint. Moreover, the cabin accommodates double-glazed doors and windows that will bring in natural light to enhance relaxation and a bright ambience.

You can be sure of safety because the pieces of wood are cut from pine and then heated until dry. Another advantage of kiln-dried timber is that you can paint or stain it depending on your preference. Moreover, the resulting walls are 1.5" thick, promoting durability that will ensure the longevity and stability of the structure. The making of the building requires that you join the components together to prevent the wood from pulling in the elements.

The stability of any construction is paramount to ensure the integrity and thus safety. The Yellowstone Cabin kit comes with a foundation framing that will help you elevate your structure above ground level. However, you need to ensure that you start building on flat-level land so that the design obtains a proper position to contribute to its stability.

However, you choose to furnish your extra room is all up to you. Whether it is a bed, sofa, or desk, equip your space with the things you like to help it suit its purpose.

There is always room for extra space. Create additional four-walled space to your home area using the Yellowstone Wooden Cabin today!
Features and specifications:

  • The walls come from kiln-dried pine wood
  • The kit includes double-glazed doors and windows to allow entry of natural light into the room
  • The material is of its natural color: You have the option to paint and stain the wood to your liking after completing the assembly
  • Simple assembly: The construction is tongue and groove
  • The hardware is stainless steel
  • Natural insulation due to the 1/5" wall thickness
  • Plenty of space to work with: The floor area is under 116 square feet meaning no permits are required. 

Construction requirements

Ensure that you construct the cabin on the level rectangular ground to ensure durability and quality. We recommend that you raise the foundation at least 2" above the ground. Moreover, allow enough air cushion in the bottom of the cabin to preserve the integrity of the construction. Therefore, ensure that you also paint the lower side of the flooring and joists.
Use solid support or a level of pavers to limit the cabin from moving about or collapsing after construction. It is critical to hire an expert if you have any questions or doubts about the cabin.
Please remember that as the customer, it is your responsibility to acquire any state or local permits necessary for building this outdoor room at your home base.
If you have any questions about how you should go about creating the foundation or building your Outdoor Garden Room using the Yellowstone Wooden Cabin Kit, call us today at 877-446-3565