Aromatherapy Sauna Egg Backcountry Recreation
Aromatherapy Sauna Egg Backcountry Recreation

Aromatherapy Sauna Egg

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Sauna enthusiasts attention! Why should you buy this sauna egg?

Give your sauna experience that certain something.

The sauna egg from Backcountry Recreation turns your sauna into a real wellness oasis.

It extends the time of evaporation, provides an intense and long fragrance experience and is incredibly practical for infusion with sauna oil or menthol crystals.

The application is very simple!

Place the sauna egg firmly between your sauna stones and heat it with you. Then fill the egg almost full with water and add some infusion oil or 1-3 menthol crystals into the egg depending on the desired intensity. And you're done!

Enjoy your sauna infusion and refill the egg as needed. So that you can enjoy the sauna egg for a long time, we recommend having the egg installed.