Homecraft H-Series  9 KW HEATER Harvia
Homecraft H-Series  9 KW HEATER Harvia
Homecraft H-Series  9 KW HEATER Harvia
Homecraft H-Series  9 KW HEATER Harvia
Homecraft H-Series  9 KW HEATER Harvia

Homecraft H-Series – 9 KW HEATER

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The Homecraft H-series residential sauna heater is the perfect quick and efficient electric heater for your sauna room. While many heaters take upwards of an hour to heat your room, the H-series heater is specifically designed for the perfect dry-sauna experience. Engineered with optimum airflow in mind, this Homecraft heater will heat your room between 20-30 minutes. Efficient, Sleek, Versatile & built to last, this heater is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your traditional Sauna Room or barrel Sauna.

A traditional Sauna experience

Homecraft H-series Sauna Heaters are designed with a shallow but sufficient rock capacity for the perfect balance of functionality (quick heat-up time) while allowing the sauna user to pour water onto the rocks, adding steam and humidity into the room for a delightful experience.

Made & Manufactured in Canada

For over 3 decades, Homecraft has been manufacturing Saunas locally in British Columbia, Canada. We are proud to be one of Canada’s premiere Sauna companies and are proud to have been advocating & bringing sauna culture to North America. All Homecraft heaters are CSA approved, which gives a very important added security to homeowners who can be assured that using an approved heater will not void insurance, unlike some sauna heaters on the market.

Digital Homecraft Sauna Control

The H-series Homecraft heater comes with the Homecraft Digital sauna control designed when Analog Sauna Controls were the norm. The digital control gives you the most accurate way to control and set the temperature and time while using the sauna. Our Sauna control is programmed to North American standards keeping you safe while enjoying your sauna.

9kw H-series features:

  • Covers up to 450 Cubic feet
  • Stainless steel outer and inner baffle system
  • Energy efficient, designed to heat your Sauna room quickly
  • It comes with the Homecraft digital Sauna control
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Homecraft Manufacturers 2-year guarantee